Water-Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Environmentally friendly product
Beautiful and stylish packaging option
Incredibly strong and reliable
Бумажный крафт скотч активируемый водой
Reinforced water-activated kraft paper packing tape for heavy duty packaging. Provides excellent tear strength and maximum safety. Suitable for all types of heavy duty packaging, providing structural support and reinforced carton sealing.

Easy to use manually or with a tape dispenser. The tape is easy to unwind from the roll, does not twist or tear unnecessarily, is resistant to excessive tearing and can be stored for many years.

High quality: excellent adhesion to cartons, providing protection against unauthorized access to the contents inside. Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape provides superior sealing performance compared to other pressure sensitive tapes and is 100% recyclable.
Thanks to the reinforcement, it is incredibly strong, and the organic bond between the cardboard and the tape provides excellent adhesion

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What is paper adhesive tape?

Adhesive kraft paper tape is a way to securely close cardboard boxes, which serves as a protective seal for packaging. After gluing onto a carton or kraft bag, it merges due to capillary action, uniting and strengthening the package. This allows for maximum grip. Also, paper tape is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Environmentally friendly product
Strongly attached, does not peel off
Safe glue made from vegetable starch
Does not contain harmful chemicals
Gives parcels a neat and aesthetic appearance
Not self-adhesive, moisture needed
Saving. Using paper tape is more profitable than ordinary tape

How to use craft tape

— 01
First you need to cut the required amount of tape.
— 02
The adhesive layer of the tape is activated with water. It is enough to spray water from a spray bottle or use a special dispenser.
— 03
Stick the tape to the package. Smooth the tape with even hand movements, ensuring maximum contact with the surface.
— 04
After a couple of minutes, the tape will fully adhere to the surface and provide maximum adhesion.

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